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Since the establishment of the Treaty of Rome in 1957, which created the Common Market, numerous professions across Europe began to unify. In 1975, young doctors from various nations convened in Paris to form an international body European association of junior hospital doctors. Later in 1976 “Permanent Working Group of European Junior Hospital Doctors” was founded in Germany. It rebranded as the “European Junior Doctor” (EJD) in 2018.The primary goal of the EJD is to advocate for the professional interests of junior doctors at the European level, addressing concerns such as training quality, workforce needs, working conditions, healthcare ethics and mobility of junior doctors. Over the years, it has expanded its membership to encompass more European countries and broaden its objectives. The EJD has established strong ties with various organizations including the World Heath Organisation (WHO Europe), the European Parliament, the European Commission, and The Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), becoming a consultative member of the Council of Europe in 1986. Today, it holds significant influence within European institutions, effectively safeguarding the interests of European junior doctors amidst the evolving healthcare landscape. Representing over 300,000 junior doctors from 26 countries, the EJD stands as a powerful advocate on the continental stage. As recently elected Board of the European Junior Doctors Association, we are delighted to extend our warmest greetings to each of you! We are thrilled to invite you to join us at our General Assembly Spring Meeting in Montpellier. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to gather, engage in discussions surrounding the issues of medical workforce cross-border mobility regulation within the European Union, and collaborate on generating new ideas and initiatives. We look forward to your participation and the valuable contributions you will bring to our gathering.

Montpellier, the oldest medical school in the world.