Being Partent of the event

The EJD will benefit from high visibility within the medical community in France and abroad.
Our partners will be highlighted in our distribution channels: the event’s web page, social networks and communications, “welcome packs” for participants, etc.

A moment of enriched exchange with the EJD members

A partnership booth can be set up at the entrance and exit of the conference room, allowing for privileged exchanges with representatives of young medical doctors from each country. 
A gala dinner on Saturday will provide an opportunity for more informal exchanges. 
During the conference, at various moments of the day, there will also be plenty of breaks to encourage for these exchanges.

Consolidate the place of the ISNI at the European level

Thanks to this event, the ISNI will reinforce its place as the representative structure of young French doctors at the European level, and also within the EJD structure.
This influence on a National and European scale will, in fact, have repercussions on the ISNI partners.

Pass on the messages of ISNI to the French and European authorities

The congress will be an opportunity to invite representatives of the French and European authorities (e.g.: Minister of Health, Regional Health Agency, others) and thus transmit key political messages of the  ISNI.

Institutional Partners